Fisheries Society opposes China’s inhumane act in East Sea

19:37 15/06/2020
The Vietnam Fisheries Society on June 13 strongly condemned and demanded Chinese compensation for ramming into a Vietnamese fishing boat and stealing fish from the fishermen in the waters of Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago.
fisheries society opposes china’s inhumane act in east sea hinh 0
In a document sent to relevant authorized Vietnamese agencies, including the Government Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Vietnam Fisheries Society reported that a Vietnamese fishing boat had been severely hit by a Chinese coast guard vessel and motorboat in the Vietnamese waters.

The incident happened at about 10am on June 10 when the fishing boat QNg 96416 with 16 people on board was fishing in the area approximately 8km south-west of Linh Con island of the Hoang Sa archipelago.

The Chinese vessel chased, rammed into and damaged the Vietnamese boat. Chinese coast guards reportedly took control, beat Vietnamese fishermen and forced them to sign an already-prepared document using fingerprints.

They seized two GPS trackers and fish finders, a basket boat, and one tonne of fish among others. Total damage was estimated at about VND500 million.

The Vietnam Fisheries Society strongly opposed such inhumane act by China which it said endangers fishermen’s lives and causes their property loss while fishing in the waters of Vietnam's Paracel archipelago.

Such repeated acts result in insecurity and discontent among the fishermen, cause serious economic losses, and violate Vietnamese sovereignty and laws, as well as international laws, stated the document.

The Vietnam Fisheries Society requested that the Vietnamese authorities voice strong opposition to China to immediately stop obstructing and ramming fishing boats operating in Vietnam's sovereign waters, while taking resolute measures against China's unreasonable actions.

It was reported the damaged vessels was brought ashore on June 12 and it could not set sail.

Chinese vessels have repeatedly sunk Vietnamese fishing boats and stolen seafood from fishermen in Vietnam’s sovereign waters. In early April, a fishing boat of Quang Ngai fishermen was also sunk by Chinese coast guard vessels in the Paracel islands.