Vietnam emphasises international support for political process in Haiti

20:18 23/02/2021
Minister Counsellor Nguyen Phuong Tra, deputy permanent representative of Vietnam to the UN, has called on the international community, including regional countries, to continue supporting the political process in Haiti and to assist Haitian people in overcoming current difficulties.

At the meeting (Photo: VNA)

Upon addressing an online meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC) held on February 22 to discuss the situation in Haiti and activities of the UN Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH), the Vietnamese diplomat expressed her concern over difficulties and instability in the Caribbean country. She added her condemnation of acts of violence, kidnapping, and extortion carried out by criminal groups who cause political and social instability.

She therefore urged all concerned parties to promote dialogues and get preparations underway for elections in the country in order to ensure that they will take place in both a fair and transparent manner.

She hailed the BINUH for its recent support for the Caribbean nation, suggesting that the office and UN working groups identify specific measures aimed at assisting Haiti in solving urgent issues, especially as it prepares for elections, and other issues related to ensuring security for local people.

Reports delivered at the meeting indicate that Haiti continues to face many difficulties, especially those relating to election and constitutional amendments.

Moving forward, the Haitian Government is anticipated to conduct a referendum on amending the constitution in April before holding elections in September.

Speakers stressed that Haiti is in the grip of increasing levels of violence, kidnapping, and extortion cases caused by crime gangs and groups, adding to insecurity and instability.

Representatives from UNSC member countries also condemned acts of violence, attacks, and kidnappings aimed at civilians, especially women and children. They therefore asked the Haitian Government and opposition political parties to ramp up dialogues towards implementing a political consensus for the upcoming elections.

They greatly valued the role played by the BINUH in assisting the Haitian Government in political dialogue and constitutional reform, and asked the international community and countries to continue providing support to address the current challenges.