Minister To Lam reports on draft Law on Mobile Police at NA second seesion

15:55 27/10/2021

General To Lam, Minister of Public Security (MPS), clarified several issues on the draft Law on Mobile Police, at the ongoing 2nd session of the 15th National Assembly (NA), on October 26.

During the discussion session held virtually, most deputies agreed on the necessity to promulgate the Law on Mobile Police in order to institutionalize the Party’s guidelines and the State’s laws on building a revolutionary, elite and modern Public Security Forces, with priority given to the mobile police.

Minister To Lam reports on draft Law on Mobile Police at NA second seesion -0
Minister To Lam speaks at the event.

NA deputies affirmed that the Mobile Police Law also contributes to concretizing the protection of human rights and citizens' rights articulated in the 2013 Constitution.

On behalf of the agency in charge of drafting the bill, Minister To Lam highly appreciated NA deputies’ wholehearted, profound and responsible opinions on the Law project.

He stated that the MPS will seriously take the opinions of the National Assembly deputies into consideration while completing the Law project.

According to Minister To Lam, as the Mobile Police Force is a component of the Public Security Forces, its main functions, mission and authority are regulated by the People’s Public Security Law (2018). Under the law, the Mobile Police Force will be deployed by the competent agencies or authorized persons to perform complex security situations and address emerging issues throughout the country.

While performing the tasks, the Mobile Police Force can form task-force detachments equipped with various weapons, combat gears, vehicles and technical equipment that will directly affect lives and health of law offenders. Therefore, the MPS should carefully review provisions regulating the Mobile Police Force’s operations and authority, some NA deputies suggested.

With the rapid development of science and technology, ultra-light flying objects are widely used for civil purposes that may pose potential risks to national security and social order in general, and direct threats to security and safety of the targets protected by the mobile police subunits in particular.

Therefore, it is necessary to have provisions stipulating the authority of the Mobile Police Force to prevent and neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles from infringing on the space of the targets protected by the Mobile Police Force.

In reply to NA deputies, Minister To Lam said that the MPS will coordinate with the NA Committee for Defense and Security to seriously consider NA deputies’ opinions and try to complete the bill and submit it to the NA at the 3rd meeting in May 2021.

By Thien Minh