Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son attends Party Congress of Department of Equipment and Warehousing

14:32 31/07/2020
The Party organization of the Department of Equipment and Warehousing Work (DEW) under the Ministry of Public Security held its first Party Congress for the term of 2020-2025 on July 29. Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security, attended and delivered a speech at the event.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son speaking at the event. 

The Party organization of the DEW was established based on the merger of five units under the former General Department of Logistics and Techniques.

The newly established Party organization made many innovations in building procurement plans, providing equipment, fuel, professional technical equipment, weapons, combat gears, and warehousing work, meeting the requirements for tasks of all public security units and agencies.

Particularly, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the DEW’s Party organization directed the equipment and warehousing work sector to effectively provide medical stuffs and necessary equipment for the Public Security Forces to fight the decease. They also led administrative reforms at the department’s affiliates and eliminated all intermediaries in distribution of equipment and logistics.

At the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son asked the Party Committee of the DEW of the next term to strictly follow the directives, resolutions, and guidelines of the Party Central Committee, of the Public Security Central Party Committee on protection of national security, maintenance of social order and safety while urgently building action plans to effectively realize the Resolution of the Congress.

Additionally, the department’s Party organization should strengthen inspection and supervision over bidding and equipment in accordance with regulations on procurement and State secret protection.  

They should also ensure safety for the transportation of ordnance and petrol as well as regularly check fire safety at the warehouses and petrol bunkers in order to avoid wastefulness and losses.

By A.N