MPS delegation attends international teleconference on criminal science

14:58 23/10/2020
Experts from the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on October 22 joined a video conference on criminal science, hosted by the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea.

The three-day conference takes place online from October 22 due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the participation of 700 criminal science experts and scholars from 48 countries, aiming to promote cooperation and improve the capacity of law enforcement forces of countries on this field.

The speakers who are experts in criminal science from many universities, research centers and institutes around the world and the RoK’s NPA are expected to discuss key topics related to the role of criminal science in investigation and the future trend of criminal science. Experts will also share state-of-the-art technologies in crime investigation, DNA phenotypes, and unusual behavior in sexual abuse cases.

The RoK is renowned for their achievements in criminal science and police professionalism. For many years, the NPA has cooperated closely with the MPS of Vietnam in a wide range of cooperation, including a 5.4 million USD project to enhance Vietnam’s criminal science capability. The project has completed phase one.

The NPA also funded for the building of a lab for the examination of traces and DNA testing equipment at the Criminal Science Institute under the MPS, as well as regularly organizes training courses for Vietnamese criminal experts in Vietnam and Korea.