Individuals and teams with outstanding achievements in COVID-19 prevention and combat honored

11:50 30/10/2021

Hospital 304 under the Ministry of Public Security held a ceremony on October 28 to receive the second-class Feat of Ams Order and the Certificate of Merit presented by the Prime Minister.

Individuals and teams with outstanding achievements in COVID-19 prevention and combat honored  -0
Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son presents Certificates of Merit to individuals and teams with outstanding achievements. 

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security, attended and delivered a keynote speech at the event.

Director of Hospital 304, Vu Hai Nam, briefed delegates of the event on outstanding activities and achievements of the hospital in prevention and combat of COVID-19 over the past time.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, in April, the hospital has coordinated with the Health Department and Police Department of HCM City in controlling infection in Chi Ho, Bo La Prisons.

Health workers from the hospital also played an important role in treating COVID-19 patients at field hospitals.

During the fight against the pandemic, 141 officers of the hospital have been infected with COVID-19, 134 of them have recovered and 7 others are still under treatment.

The hospital was also in charge of giving vaccines to its medical staff as well as officers and soldiers of police units in Southern areas.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son applauded the efforts and achievements of Hospital 304 in the fight against the pandemic over the past time. The medical staff of the hospital has successfully fulfilled their duties, saving a large number of lives of patients.

The award and certificates that the hospital has received is honor of the frontline forces in the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the public security medical staff.

Under the authority of the State President, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son handed the second-class Feat of Arms Order to the hospital and third-class Feat of Arms Orders to 3 individuals.

Additionally, 3 individuals and 3 teams under the hospital were honored with the Certificates of Merit presented by the Prime Minister, 6 others received Certificates of Merit of the Ministry of Public Security.

On the same day, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son visited and worked with the People’s Police and People’s Security Universities.

Over the past 4 months when COVID-19 hit HCM City, the two universities have sent over 2,000 students and teachers to reinforce pandemic prevention and control efforts in the city and other hotspots in the Southern areas. Teachers and students of the two universities also donated to people in pandemic-hit areas.

On this occasion, under the authority of the Minister of Public Security, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son presented 12 Certificates of Merit awarded by the Minister of Public Security to individuals and teams of the two universities.

The awards represented the ministry’s appreciation of their efforts in fulfilling the dual goals while well organizing the academic programs and supporting local police forces in ensuring security and order and fight COVID-19.