Strawberry Supermoon set to light up skies above Vietnam

Thứ Năm, 24/06/2021, 16:09
A Strawberry Supermoon will light up Vietnamese skies during the night of June 24 and will mark the final supermoon for the year.

Strawberry Supermoon will mark the final supermoon for the year (Photo: AFP)

According to information released on the website, the Strawberry Moon is due to be visible to local people early on June 24, although it will not be at its fullest and brightest until 1:39 a.m. on June 25.

In an article published about the supermoon, the Daily Mail said this is set to be the last full moon of the spring season and the last supermoon of the year.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, also known as perigee, and appears larger and brighter than a typical full moon.

It added that the name “Strawberry Supermoon” is closely associated with the strawberry season due to berries ripening for picking around this time in North America.