Vietnam recorded 134,000 cyber attacks in 2016

Thứ Năm, 15/12/2016, 13:06

PSNews- 134,375 cyber attacks, including Phishing, Malware and Deface, were recorded by the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) in 2016, report says.

In comparison to the last year’s figure, the number of incidents saw a sharp increase, over 4 times. Particularly, the number of Phishing recorded is 10.057 while the figures for Malware and Deface are 46,664 and 77,654 respectively. Notably, the number of Deface is 8.7 times higher than 2015.


Noticeably, the domain “” was affected by 1 Phishing, 17 Deface and 63 Malware incidents.

VNCERT managed to report such incidents and attacks to various concerned units and agencies for timely solutions and settlements.  
By Duy Tien