Ministry urges raising alert against cyber attacks during holidays

Thứ Sáu, 28/04/2023, 17:16

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has urged all users to take measures to ensure cyber security, especially systems containing personal data and platforms in service of national digital transformation, during the National Reunification Day and May Day holidays from April 29 to May 3.

According to the ministry's e-newspaper Vietnamnet, IT experts said systems relating to finance and banking are the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks,as hackers would take advantage of security relaxations and reduced transactions during the holidays to carry out attacks on servers. 

Given this, the ministry has urged ministries, agencies, localities, press agencies, State-owned groups and corporations, telecoms service providers, financial institutions and banks to strengthen measures to protect information security.  

Ministry urges raising alert against cyber attacks during holidays -0
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Supervision should be maintained round the clock, and checks conducted to find any loopholes and timely solutions taken, the MIC said.

Agencies, organisations and businesses should keep themselves updated on cyber security warnings and information, while stepping up communications work to raise public awareness of cyber security skills.

The ministry urged ICT service providers to increase personnel on duty during the holidays to timely handle emergencies, ensuring smooth operations of telecoms and Internet infrastructure systems.

Technical measures must be maximised to detect and avert cyber assaults as well as the spread of toxic information, the ministry requested.

For users, experts advised that they should conduct transactions on familiar websites and avoid downloading apps of unknown sources or opening attachments with strange file names.