Singapore’s intelligence agency launches official website

21:49 19/07/2021
The Security and Intelligence Division (SID) of Singapore has launched an official website for the first time as part of its efforts to seek more talents.

This comes as the work of Singapore's external intelligence agency, which is under the Ministry of Defence (Mindef), has expanded in recent years.

The website,, will give Singaporeans a better understanding of the important work that SID does and the opportunity to seek a range of careers, Mindef said on July 19.

An SID official noted the fundamental reason behind the website is the need to improve recruitment of Singaporean talents.

Fresh graduates - from the humanities or technology areas - used to be the mainstay of people coming into SID, he added, but mid-career talents are now also on the radar.

He noted that the threats facing Singapore have become more complex as they now span counter-terrorism, geopolitics, cyber attacks, information warfare, and even climate change, which could affect the region and the nation's food supplies.

In its news release, Mindef said established in 1966, SID has made significant contributions to counter-terrorism efforts.

These include working with other security agencies here in the arrests of Jemaah Islamiah terrorists abroad after they fled the country in the early 2000s, and helping to form the then Joint Counter Terrorism Centre in 2004. SID also supported efforts to disrupt a terror group's plot to launch an attack on the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort in 2016, the ministry added.