Denmark supports Vietnam to develop wind power

09:44 09/12/2017

PSNews – Denmark, a leading nation in the world in terms of wind power development, is committed to supporting Vietnam to find concrete solutions to wind power production and business as well as orientations for the building and management of wind power plants.

A conference on wind power development was co-held in Hanoi on December 7 by THC Group and Vestas ASP. Participants in the conference discussed concrete solutions to promote wind power and sought effective approaches to construction and management of wind power plants.

Vietnam has prioritized renewable power development in its renewable energy development policy, which aims to raise the renewable power proportion to 7% in 2020 and more than 10% in 2030, said Mr. Do Duc Quan Vice Director of the New and Renewable Energy Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In the roadmap for the development of renewable energy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to complete the legal framework, propose the Government to create appropriate mechanisms, encourage the development of renewable energy sources in the current period, invest in research projects for a smart power grid, energy storage technology and improve its forecasting abilities to optimize the development and use of renewable energy.

To date, only 6 projects of wind power have been put into operation in Vietnam with their total production capacity of some 200MW.

Mr. Clive Turton, President of Vestas ASP, said that, as a leading Danish enterprise in the field of renewable energy, Vestas ASP will help Vietnam realize the value, opportunity and potential of wind power in improving lives of the Vietnamese people.

As it has a smart data analysis system and its total wind turbine capacity of more than 71 GW, Vestas can use data to explain, forecast and exploit wind resources, and provide the best solutions to wind power development.

By Duy Tien