EU helps Vietnam put new focus on food safety

20:07 04/10/2016
The EU is supporting the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to educate the nation’s farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, consumers and street vendors on safe food handling practices.

Food systems in Vietnam are getting more complex, said Ambassador Bruno Angelet, head of the delegation of the European Union to Vietnam, at a recent seminar in Hanoi, with food oftentimes being delivered from many sources over great distances.

As a result, the importance of food safety has become more prominent on the national stage than at any other time in the history of Vietnam.

It is therefore imperative that a new nationwide food safety awareness campaign be undertaken that targets street food vendors, consumers and smallholder businesses, in particular, in hopes of having a widespread positive impact.

The intent is to bring all of the stakeholders together – consumers, food companies and street food vendors – to focus on food safety. Through education, we hope to strengthen nationwide action on safe and hygienic food for all, said the Ambassador.

The campaign will promote awareness of food label information, appropriate food storage conditions and related food handling practices. Street vendor training and professional courses also will be key components of the campaign, as well as seminars and workshops for participants across the food supply chain. 

The EUs dedication to nourishing people and providing high-quality, safe food is a global effort, he said. We are glad to join hands with the MOIT and be a catalyst to improve food safety awareness in Vietnam.

Do Thang Hai, deputy minister of the MOIT, in turn welcomed the support of the EU in the effort to promote food safety throughout the nation saying it would help elevate the global image of Vietnam food products and stimulate exports.

This campaign will be implemented with the assistance of consultants, media, promoters and marketers to transform the image of the national food industry by concentrating on bettering food safety and public health, said Mr Hai.

The campaign is a component of the national brand development campaign and enhancing the Vietnam food segment of the economy so that it is strong and capable of competing effectively in the global marketplace.

If the campaign is successful, it will help the nation’s food products generate greater value, which means that farmers will be able to sell their produce at a higher price, thus increasing their profits, resulting in an improved standard of living.

In turn, it will create more sustainable economic potential for the food segment, noted Mr Hai.