Investors frustrated with Binh Duong business climate

16:38 28/10/2016
Officials on the Binh Duong People’s Committee listened to a chorus of complaints from Taiwanese transnational businesses on October 28 regarding their dissatisfaction with the business climate in the province.

Doing business in Binh Duong must be seen as easy, friendly and mutually beneficial, said Tran Thanh Liem, vice chair of the Committee, noting its clear we have our work cut out to restore investor confidence.

Apart from longstanding gripes about bureaucratic red tape and corruption, Taiwanese companies are now focusing their ire on two main issues: skilled worker shortages and poor infrastructure.

Many of the complaints concern the lack of adequate infrastructure, said Mr Liem, which are being addressed by a plan of the Prime Minister to develop infrastructure in the Province’s industrial zones 2020.

Nguyen Thanh Truc, director of Binh Duong Department of Planning and Investment, openly acknowledged many shortcomings and said government agencies are instituting reforms to streamline administrative processes.