Plenty of room to boost Vietnamese coffee exports to Nordic market

19:42 02/10/2021

There are bright prospects ahead for Vietnamese coffee exports to the Nordic market, particularly as tariffs on coffee beans have been slashed to 0% under the provisions of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), according to the Vietnamese Trade Office in Sweden.


The analysis of the International Trade Center (ITC) also revealed that although Nordic countries typically import Arabica coffee, there remains plenty of room for the nation’s unroasted and decaffeinated coffee beans, as well as specialty and organic coffee, to penetrate the demanding market.

However, local firms have faced a number of difficulties over recent times when it comes to exporting coffee to the Nordic market due to the region tending to import high-quality coffee, mostly Arabica coffee and paying special attention to sustainable production.

Furthermore, there are also challenges in terms of geographical distance, along with the stringent standards set by other European countries and small orders.

Vietnamese enterprises have therefore been advised to comply with market regulations, manage the use of banned substances, tighten control over all stages of the supply chain, and devise appropriate product marketing strategies, as well as developing brands for coffee products.

Moreover, local firms have been recommended to invest in designing websites and using other social media network such as LinkedIn, Skype, and Facebook, to introduce their products and stay in contact with buyers.