Vietnam-Korea seek cooperation on registration, green industry

Thứ Năm, 20/07/2023, 19:59

In order to promote cooperation in science and technology and further realize the meaningful linkage between enterprises and agencies of the two countries Vietnam and Korea, on July 19, 2023, at Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Vietnam - Korea Businessmen and Investment Association (VKBIA) jointly organized the Forum "Vietnam Standards and Register" to open up cooperation orientations between the two countries in this field.

The forum was attended by the Korea Traffic Safety Agency, the Korea Agency of Technology and Standards, the Korea Automotive Research Institute and representatives from the Vietnam Registry.

At the forum, Dr. Tran Hai Linh, Chairman of VKBIA told, at the Vietnam - Korea Business Forum held in Hanoi on June 23, 2023 on the occasion of the State visit to Vietnam of the President of the Republic of Korea, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that Vietnam's investment attraction orientation is a priority in the field of green economy and business, digital economy, circular economy, knowledge economy…

Vietnam-Korea seek cooperation on registration, green industry -0
At the forum, VKBIA and KEMS signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol at that time also expressed that businesses of the two countries will have many cooperation projects together. Therefore, the potential for cooperation between agencies, organizations, businesses and universities, research and development institutes between the two countries Korea - Vietnam in the fields of environmental friendly industry and high technology, supporting industry is very important and necessary in the coming time.

KEMS is an association consisting of 74 corporations and businesses operating in the field of 2-wheel electric vehicles and high-tech and technology industries. Auxiliary. Besides, the KEMS always plays an important role in cooperation between businesses - academia - research & development - local authorities and national policy setting ... Kwon Yong-beom, Chairman of KEMS emphasized that Korea - Asean trade turnover reached the highest level ever, reaching 207.5 billion USD. The ASEAN market is an important market with 686 million people, accounting for 8.56% of the world's population.

Vietnam-Korea seek cooperation on registration, green industry -0
The potential for cooperation between Korea and Vietnam in the fields of environmental friendly industry and high technology, supporting industry is growing.

In the process of transitioning to green and smart, environmentally friendly transportation in developing countries in Asia, including ASEAN, it will not only achieve the national goal of reducing greenhouse emissions through reducing CO2, being environmentally friendly, but also developing green industry, creating great opportunities for socio-economic growth. Therefore, the strategic cooperation with VKBIA will be of great significance in contributing to the companionship and development of the two countries Vietnam - Korea.

At the forum, speeches from representatives of the Vietnam Register, from the Korea Traffic Safety Authority Committee, the Korea Agency of Technology and Standards and other agencies, organizations and businesses. Leading enterprises in this field have been implemented to exchange information, and concretize each program of activities and cooperation.

On the basis of exploiting the strengths of the parties to promote investment cooperation opportunities, trade connections, and cohesion between Vietnam and Korea to develop a green, environmentally friendly industry, together with cooperation to promote ASEAN market, VKBIA and KEMS signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This is a new milestone and is expected through the cooperation agreement between the two organizations. The parties come to commit to implementing programs to promote exchange, support and transfer technology, support experts, support vocational training and employment; jointly promote investment and development of green industry - smart transportation, strongly promote cooperation in this field between Vietnam, Korea and other countries in ASEAN.