Art exhibition recalls memories of the Vietnam war

16:13 31/08/2018

PSNews – An art exhibition on memories of the Vietnam war kicked off on August 30, at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, in Hanoi, introducing a series of artworks of five photographers and five painters and three sculptors who received valuable awards of the country.

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Vietnam (September 2, 1945 – 2018), the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum introduces visitors an art exhibition themed “Moments of Forever”.

Of the artworks at the exhibition, there are five masterpieces of late photographer Luong Nghia Dung in the history of resistance photography

According famous photographer Chu Chi Thanh, these artworks reflect the creativity, boldness and professionalism of photographers. “They lived with their passion until they sacrificed on the battlefield”, he shared.
Additionally, the exhibition also displays other artworks of three sculptors (Ta Quang Bao, Phan Thi Gia Huong, Nguyen Van Que), five painters (Nguyen Bich, Co Tan Long Chau, Buu Chi, Le Lam, Do Son) and other four photographers (Nguyen Huu Cay, Huu Thanh Kiem, Lam Tan Tai and Mau Hoang Thiet).
These artworks remind us of the period when our previous generations devoted themself for the national liberation.

By Linh Bui