CNN names Hanoi among top nine coffee spots worldwide

Thứ Sáu 04/10/2019 15:24
To mark International Coffee Day, CNN Travel has unveiled a list of nine of the best places to get the best coffee around the globe, with Hanoi included on the list.

cnn names hanoi among top nine coffee spots worldwide hinh 0
Photo: CNN

According to CNN, coffee is part of Vietnam's DNA with the country being one of the biggest producers of beans in the world.

“Don't expect a flat white or an Americano here, though”, notes the website.

CNN travel detailed how Vietnamese coffee is brewed in a traditional filter, dripping into a single cup below. Customers are able to enjoy the drink with traditional sweetened condensed milk. 

A cup of “ca phe trung”, known as egg coffee in English, at Cafe Giang was strongly recommended by CNN.

Other locations around the world that serve the best to coffee include Wellington in New Zealand, Melbourne in Australia, London in the UK, Iceland, Rome in Italy, Singapore, and Seattle in the United States, according to the list released by CNN.