Coastal villages in an eager bustle holding Cau Ngu festival

20:35 28/03/2019
PSNews – Over the last few days, many coastal villages across Quang Binh Province have organized the Cau Ngu (Whale Worshipping) festival in the hope that all local people would have a peaceful and prosperous year and local fishermen would strike lucky when fishing at sea. 
Photo: Baodautu

In some coastal villages of Quang Binh Province such as Nhan Trach, Duc Trach, Hai Trach, Hai Ninh, Ngu Thuy, Bao Ninh, fishermen set up large altars and conducted ritual ceremonies right on the beach.

From the early morning, many fishermen and their families gathered at the ceremony, offered incense to "God of the sea" and wished for favorable weather, good fortune, good catches of fish and safe trips.

During the event, there were also a range of activities reflecting the tradition and culture of the Quang Binh coastal villages.

These activities created an exciting atmosphere, empowering fishermen to go out to high sea to catch good hauls of fish, which also contributes to firmly protecting national sovereignty over the islands and seas of Vietnam.
By An Nhien