Com Vong - A specialty of Hanoi's autumn

14:57 09/10/2020
PSNews - When autumn arrives, culinary lover cannot fail to mention a specialty of Hanoi, green sticky rice (cốm) made in Vong village. The nice texture and young rice aroma make it one of the most must-try specialties of Hanoi in the autumn weather.
The flavorful green sticky rice made in Vong village is a folk and elegant food in the occasion of the autumn season. This kind of premature rice is wrapped in lotus leaves to give it a faint yet pleasant aroma. Once you've tried it, you will be Com Vong's fan for sure
When eating green sticky rice, you must enjoy slowly and chew very deliberately in order to appreciate all the scents, tastes, and plasticity of the young rice which is sweet, nutty and buttery. In particularr, served with ripe bananas, green sticky rice is truly delicious.
If you are a Com Vong's fan, you can spend your time to visit Vong village in autumn to see the process of making the green sticky rice. In Vong Village, making green sticky rice used to be a common trade. It’s a complicated process for making this sticky rice in Vong village.
There is legend about how green sticky rice was born in Vong village. In an autumn of thousand years ago, people there suffered a huge storm which destroyed all paddy fields where rice was about to be in flowering period.
The locals had to collect and roast remaining young rice to eat. The dish as the last resort turned out to have distinctively delicious taste and later become a delicacy of the village.
Vong village always welcomes visitors. 

By Linh Bui