Delicious food for early-winter days in Hanoi

13:10 24/11/2018
During early-winter days with cool weather in the early morning and at nightfall in Hanoi, it is very interesting for both Hanoians and visitors to enjoy specific delicious food.

Grilled corns and batatas are peddled during winter nights on many streets of Hanoi. 

Corns with white seeds are grilled over charcoal fire, bringing warmth for many Hanoians.

Street peddling of com (green rice flakes) appears in almost every street in Hanoi during these days. Com is wrapped in lotus leaves so that its pure taste is retained.

It is very interesting for people to enjoy a hotpot with various dishes during cold days. In Hanoi, there are many restaurants for hotpots attracting a large number of guests, such as frog hotpot on Lo Duc street and beef hotpot on Thi Sach street.

Banh chung ran (fried square glutinous rice cake) is also a speciality of winter in Hanoi. The cake should be enjoyed with vegetable pickles and soy sauce.

Visitors in Hanoi are sure to be interested in bowls of pork chop or clam gruel that should be enjoyed with quay (bread sticks) and ruoc (salted shredded meat).

Despite the cold weather, sticks of ice-cream and glasses of ice-cream are very attractive to many people.

Grilled dishes are also popular during the cold days. Many restaurants of grilled dishes have appeared to meet the high demand of Hanoians and visitors.

Glutinous rice doughnuts with sweet-and-sour sauces are also an attractive dish during the winter.

With sugar sauce and ginger, Banh troi tau (warm Chinese floating cake) can warm people during the cold days.

The sweetness of cassava, the warmth of ginger and the aroma of coconut and peanuts make a very unique flavour for che san (hot cassava sweet soup) in Hanoi.