Female students of PSA look wonderful in Vietnamese traditional dress

Thứ Ba, 29/05/2018, 15:11

It's so beautiful having a memory to look back on and smile. Therefore, students of D46 of the Public Security Academy decided to make this simple but meaningful album at their own academy.

Thanks to the Vietnamese traditional dress (Ao Dai), the beauty of PSA's female students is elevated to a new level. 
It is so hard to think of any outfit better-suited the Vietnamese women than Ao Dai itself.
The future soldiers look stunning in white long gown.
Each Vietnamese woman always has at least one Ao Dai in her wardrobe.
Ao Dai went in to many poets, songs and art and become a timeless beauty of Vietnam.
Undergone over hundreds of years with many variations, Ao Dai still retains the traditional beauty.

By Linh Bui