How Christmas is celebrated around the world

17:07 24/12/2016
Jingle Bell melodies playing around the corner, all the sparkling lights shine bright on Christmas trees, and people at any places in the world are preparing to welcome the upcoming Christmas. 
Oxford Street, the busiest yet most fashionable street of London showering itself under the rain of Xmas light. Photo: Betty
A little market in Lille, France is decorated with Xmas trees and accesarizes. Photo: Mirror
A musician band is about to finish its last song before Xmas comes in Verona, Italy. Photo: Mirror
How meaningful could it be to stand under all the miracle lights and taking photo with the love of your life, that's how people do it in New York, US. Photo: Sony photogallery
St. Mary Catheral in Wood River, US is fully decorated. Photo: Nebraska
The Gävle Goat is a traditional Christmas display erected annually at Slottstorget in central Gavle, Sweden. It is a giant version of a traditional Swedish Yule Goat figure made of straw.
Photo: Telegraph
'' Have you come to Winter Wonderland? If not, your Christmas have not come yet''. A cute joke tell you about how special this unique market is. Spoil alerted: It is in London. Photo: Telegraph
Xmas time is the summer time in Australia and Koala knows how to enjoy it. Photo: Mirror
Not only in Europe but Xmas is celebrated in Indian too. People started decoring for this holiday from only December. Photo: Mirror
Lion in Hagenbeck zoo, Hamburg, Germany about to ''open'' its Xmas gift. Photo: The Guardian
Hmmmm I am Santa Claus and I dont know which gift to choose for myself. Photo: Getty
The real Santa Claus is about to leave Lapland and yes Xmas is so close to come. Why dont we start counting down? Photo: Mirror

By An Nhien