"Memories of Vietnam's subsidy period" exhibition opens in Hanoi

13:03 22/08/2018
PSNews - The "Memories of Vietnam's subsidy period" exhibition kicked off at the French Cultural Center (L'Espace), in Hanoi with the aim of helping us understand more about the previous generations as well as leading us to live a positive life. 
The exhibition drew the participation of many visitors including Vietnamese generations and foreign friends.
"Memories of Vietnam's subsidy period" exhibition displays nearly 30 drawings designed by Vietnamese artists Thanh Phong and Huu Khoa.
Living in the hard time but the previous generations still kept a positive mind, creating many funny quotes. 
They depict life in Vietnam in the late 20th century, with frequently-used sayings and idioms in the subsidy period, as well as shop signboards and children’s songs.
The event aims at helping people better understand life of previous generations and a period in Vietnam’s history.
Artist Thanh Phong said as a person born and raised during the subsidy period, he wished that the audience, especially youths, will learn more about that time and people’s positive attitude through the exhibition.
The exhibition will last until August 31.

By Linh Bui