Nearly 1,000 documents and artifacts donated to Hanoi Museum

16:55 12/09/2018
PSNews - The Hanoi Museum on September 12 held a ceremony to call for donation of historical documents and artifacts, and to honor organizations and individuals who have contributed to the preservation and exhibition of the museum's heritages over the past time.
Hanoi Museum.

On this occasion, the Hanoi Museum also introduced all documents and artifacts that had been donated by organizations and individuals.

From the beginning of the year to the end of August, the Hanoi Museum received nearly 1,000 documents and artifacts out of the total 1,065 artifacts needed for the showcase, according to the museum’s design and script of the show.

All the artifacts and documents received by the Hanoi Museum this time hold great cultural and spiritual values, demonstrating the development of Hanoi in the historical periods.

These artifacts and documents also feature the donors’ love for Hanoi and their responsible contributions to the promotion of the culture of the Capital.
By An Nhien