Northwestern culture, native flowers to be showcased at event in Sapa

16:20 28/01/2017
Between January 30 and February 12, namely January 3 to January 16 of the lunar New Year, the Fansipan Legend will hold the “khen-hoa” festival and northwestern culture showcase in Sapa, Lao Cai.

The event includes a khen competition and a large scale flower display and is a chance for tourists to experience the New Year tradition in the northwestern of Vietnam.

At the “khen-hoa” festival.

The competition has 12 teams competing in their performance of the khen, a traditional Northwestern musical instrument. Each team has at least 10 members who are among the best khen artists of the region. The performances are going to be held between January 30 and February 4. The songs are going to be about hopes for the new year.

The flower expo will display thousands of flower trees native to the north of Vietnam, including cherry blossoms, big chrysanthemum, Sapa orchids and more.

At the culture showcase visitors can join in a lunar New Year market where people sell the specialty food and goods of the region, and traditional games such as “di ca kheo”, “nem con” and “nhay sap.” Visitors will enjoy the sight of colourful dresses and scarves of the people in the middle of the bustling market and among flowers.

Visitors can also take the suspended cable car to sightsee at the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. From the Fansipan summit, one can see the whole of Vietnam.

The “khen-hoa” festival and northwestern culture showcase is going to revive the traditional khen festival of the H’Mong ethnic people, a unique cultural heritage of the northwestern region of Vietnam. 

The event is expected to bring a large number of tourists to Sapa, Lao Cai in the first days of spring. As the first of the series of cultural events that are going to be held at the Fansipan Legend in 2017, it reflects the effort of Sun Group in developing tourism while preserving and building on traditional culture, creating unique tourism products for the locality and unforgettable experiences for domestic and foreign tourists.

Several photos at the event: