Quick look at Hanoi’s Book Street

17:15 04/05/2017

PSNew- The Hanoi Book Street, opened on May 1, is located on the 19-12 Str., Hoan Kiem district with the length of nearly 200m with 16 booths designed and built in harmony with the surrounding scenery. The street is open from 8am to 10pm daily.

The street is next to the Hanoi Municipal People’s Court, located between Hai Ba Trung and Ly Thuong Kiet. Many years ago, the street was known as "Underworld’s Market".

Foreign visitors 

The space of the Book Street has been designed and built in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Although the 16 booths follow simple designs, they still preserve aesthetic, modern, civilized and friendly looks.

The booths are separated by glass walls to make books in focus and create aesthetic, modern, civilized, friendly looks for readers.

Cafes and wifi connections are available to readers who like reading while enjoying a cup of coffee.

“I am glad that a book street is open in the centre of Hanoi,” said Pham Tuan (resident of Hanoi). “The street is designed in a friendly manner for all of the people and most importantly, the open space of the street makes me feel really comfortable and relaxing.”

Readers are provided with books of various categories, from science, religion to history and literature.

The Book Street features participations of various major publishing houses in Vietnam.

“Young readers” visiting the street with their parents.

In addition to the book booths, the Book Street also has unique relaxing and reading spaces.

By Duy Tien