Stamps published for Year of the Rooster

11:29 24/12/2016
A set of stamps themed ‘Year of the Rooster’ has recently been issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) to welcome in the lunar New Year 2017 and the year of the Rooster in Eastern culture.

Designed by painter Nguyen Du of the Vietnam Post Corporation, the set includes two stamps measuring 37 x 37 millimetres.

The first sample, priced at VND10,500 features a mother hen and her chick playing together while the second sample priced at VND3,000 portrays a rooster.

The family of roosters represents the gathering of all Vietnamese families on Tet holiday. The image of family was featured through use of rooster ‘To he’ traditional toys.

The main colours used in the two stamps are bright yellow and pink, representing apricot and peach flowers, two iconic blossoms of the Vietnamese people on the Lunar New Year.

The set will be available for purchase at all postal offices until June 30, 2016.

The theme of traditional Lunar New Year stamps in Vietnam started in the 1960s. Since 1993, Tet stamp-sets have been published annually.