Tran Quoc pagoda listed as top fascinating pagoda in the world

22:32 02/11/2016
PSNews – Tran Quoc pagoda was named as one of the 16 most fascinating pagodas in the world.

The Daily Mail – a British daily newspaper has announced on October 31st the 16 most fascinating pagodas across the world. 

Asia is considered as the cradle of Buddhism. Therefore, without doubt, the 16 most beautiful pagodas in the list are located in other Asian countries, such as Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Mongolia, India, Japan and South Korea. 

According to the website, the 1,500-year-old Tran Quoc Pagoda is regarded as the most ancient one in Hanoi

Tran Quoc pagoda – one of the icons of Hanoi, Vietnam, was on the top of the list. Currently, such pagoda is located on the eastern bank of West Lake, and represents one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam  with its history line of more than 1,500 years. 

Tran Quoc pagoda was built with the name “Khai Quoc” (the founder of the country) during the King Ly Nam De Dynasty between 544 year and 548 on the left flank of the Red River. It has born the name of Tran Quoc (the protector of national security), since the 17th century – the period of the Emperor Le King Tong. 

Thanks to these historical and architectural values, Tran Quoc pagoda is a famous landmark in Hanoi attracting a large number of visitors, Buddhist followers as well as cultural researchers. 

Earlier, the Thrillist has also chose Tran Quoc pagoda as one of the top 11 “stunning gorgeous pagoda-temples around the world.

Pagoda in Lampang, Thailand

Another pagoda in Thailand

Buddhist pagoda in Samui island in Thailand

Pagoda, featuring 2,500 stone stupas - or dome-shaped buildings, is hidden in a remote area of Myanmar

Shwedagon Paya Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar,

Rounding the list of top 16 are Toji Pagoda in Kyoto, Japan

Thambuddhei Paya Pagoda in Monywa, Myanmar

Pagoda at Meidai Lamasery Inner in Mongolia

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, the Republic of Korea

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cebu Taoist Temple in Cebu, the Philippines

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Mon State, Myanmar

Kaunghmudaw Pagoda in Sagaing, Myanmar

and Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai, India

Chureito Pagoda Fujiyoshida in Japan
PSN/ Photos (Daily Mail)