Bai Say - Dam River shine as new destinations for ecotourism

Thứ Tư, 14/02/2024, 13:56

PSNews - Covering a total area of 180 hectares, the Dam river and Bai Say area are located in Tam Thang commune of Tam Ky city.

The 180-hectare area in Tam Ky Town, around an hour’s drive from the UNESCO heritage site Hoi An, has emerged as a new tourist destination and a photographers’ favorite thanks to the beauty of its pristine landscapes and the wooden boats used by locals.

The Dam River's vibrant and hyper-diverse wetland ecosystem, Tam Ky City’s largest detention basin, hustles and bustles with the spirited lives of 500 animal and plant species.

Within a 2-hour motorboat trip on the lagoon, visitors will be able to see the beautiful natural scenenary and the daily life of the locals. Along with that, visitors will have chance to experience the daily activities with the local people, such as catching fish, picking lotus flowers.

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People use nets to surround fish and shrimp nests and abduct the tasty, trapped creatures
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Beautiful lotus dam in the Dam river area. 

People here mainly earn their living by fishing, raising ducks and growing lotuses and water lilies.  Every year, authorities support 15 families in planting lotuses on the river. Besides the lotus seed harvests, the site also has tourist draws.

“The rivers in our countryside are beautiful and attractive. I truly enjoy this trip, as we can feel the fresh air while observing the life of the local people," said Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong from Tam Ky City.

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The province boasts numerous eco-tourism spots, traditional craft villages, and community-based tourism spots.
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The area becomes a new fascinating spot for visitors.

According to Mr, Nguyen Hong Lai, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tam Ky City, cultural tourism, eco-tourism, and coastal tourism are the main pillars that Quang Nam has developed into high-quality tourism offerings, and linked with major tourism centres nationwide. 

Connecting cultural, ecological, and coastal elements is crucial for Quang Nam’s tourism development, as the local tourism sector moves towards diversifying green tourism products. Cooperative efforts between businesses and destinations are essential for attracting tourists and achieving positive outcomes. 

The province boasts numerous eco-tourism spots, traditional craft villages, and community-based tourism spots. These resources are being integrated into a unique Green Tourism product chain to ensure diverse offerings.

The Dam River reed bed with its unspoiled and captivating beauty is expected to woo lots of visitors to come to admire the spectacular scenery and experience the peaceful life of the locals.

By An Nhien