Beautiful purple crape myrtle flowers blooming in Ninh Thuan

Thứ Bảy, 11/06/2022, 09:35

Summer is coming. It is also the best season to enjoy the beauty of giant crape-myrtle flowers, known as “Bang lang”, in Thuan Nam District, Ninh Thuan Province.

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The giant crape-myrtle is a native plant of India, hence its other name, Pride of India. 
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The striking purplish hues of giant crape-myrtle flowers add a touch of colour to the summer of Ninh Thuan Province.
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After fully blooming, the rich colours of giant crape-myrtle flowers begin to fade and finally fall off from their branches altogether.
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Each flower features six thin and light petals. 
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Bang lang flowers bring a sense of poetic beauty to the coastal land as summer is coming.
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A picturesque scenery has been created thanks to the beauty of Bang lang flowers.
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Bang Lang usually blossom from late April to mid-June every year.

By A.N (Photo: VNA)