“So Do” novel by Vu Trong Phung to be published in Germany

14:34 11/10/2021

Vietnamese novel “So do”, known as “Dumb Luck” in English, written by well-known Vietnamese author Vu Trong Phung is set to be published in Germany this December.


According to details given by Tauland Publishing House, the German version will be translated by Rodion Ebbighausen and Hoang Dang Lanh.

The publishing house believes that the translation of a Vietnamese masterpiece will help German readers gain an understanding of the Vietnamese society under the French rule in the 20th century.

The novel reveals true nature and negative consequences of colonialism on countries that were formerly ruled by European powers, as well as the impact that is still felt today.

So Do, first published in Hanoi in 1936, follows the absurd and unexpected rise within colonial society of a street-smart vagabond named red-haired Xuan.

The novel charts Xuan's fantastic social ascent and provides a panoramic view of colonial social order.