TasteAtlas picks out three local dishes among world’s 100 best rated breakfasts

Thứ Năm, 06/06/2024, 11:05

Three Vietnamese dishes, Bo kho, Bun bo Hue, and Com tam thit nuong have been listed among the 100 best rated breakfasts in the world, according to information provided by international food website TasteAtlas.

TasteAtlas picks out three local dishes among world’s 100 best rated breakfasts -0
Bo kho (beef stew) is among world’s 100 best rated breakfasts. (Photo courtesy of TasteAtlas)

In 23rd position, Bo kho (beef stew) can be consumed on its own or alternatively accompanied by a baguette on the side. It can also be served over noodles, whilst it is customary to serve a variety of fresh herbs on the side, said TasteAtlas.

Meanwhile, Bun bo Hue (Hue breakfast noodle soup) ranks 50th on the list. The soup is traditionally consumed for breakfast and consists of pork and beef bones broth, noodles, lemongrass, shrimp paste, lime juice, and a variety of herbs, the website wrote.

Elsewhere, Com tam suon (Broken rice with grilled pork) is placed in 70th position. The classic dish from the southern region consists of grilled pork which is served on top of broken rice. The combination is often topped with a mix of stir-fried onions and pickles, whilst it is typically accompanied by fish sauce for dipping.

The pork is usually marinated in lemongrass, pepper, garlic, and fish sauce before being grilled, according to food website TasteAtlas.

Rounding off the list of TasteAtlas’s 10 best rated breakfasts were many representatives from across the world, namely Kahvaltı of Turkey, Bougatsa of Greece, Roti canai of Malaysia, Chilaquiles of Mexico, Zelnik of North Macedonia, Komplet of Serbia, Beyran çorbası of Turkey, Croissant of France, Jianbing of China, and Pão de queijo of Brazil.

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