Virtual exhibition on Dien Bien Phu Victory launches

Thứ Tư, 24/04/2024, 14:12

PSNews - The virtual exhibition themed "Dien Bien history reflected through the archived data" displays more than 300 documents and images regarding the history of Dien Bien province from its earliest times to the present. Of which, there are many documents published for the first time.

Virtual exhibition on Dien Bien Phu Victory launches -0
The "Determined to fight, Determined to win" flag flying on the roof of the General Christian de Castries's bunker. Photo: VNA

The exhibition is chaired by the Dien Bien Provincial People's Committee, implemented by the Dien Bien Provincial Department of Home Affairs and National Archives Center No.I. This is also one of the practical activities to celebrate 183rd year of the name Dien Bien (1841-2024), 115th year of establishment of  Dien Bien province (June 28, 1909-June 28, 2024), 70th year of Victorious Battle of  Dien Bien Phu (May 7, 1954 - May 7, 2024) and 75th year of establishment of  Dien Bien Provincial Party Committee (October 10, 1949 - October 10, 2024).

The exhibition aims to promote the value of archival documents following the Directive No. 05/2007/CT -TTg of the Prime Minister and to implement Decision No. 2194/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister effectively on approving the program "Disclosure of national archives to serve construction, socio-economic development, and protection of national sovereignty".

The documents on display are selected from the National Archives Center, the Historical Archives and Museum of  Dien Bien Province, the Institute of Sino-Nom Calligraphy Studies, the Archives of the French Ministry of Defense and a number of agencies and units in  Dien Bien province.

According to the organizing board, the exhibition will apply some visual technology, aiming to increase the viewer's experience, bring the public back to its historical origins and facilitate a more comprehensive and clearer view of history relating to the formation and development of Dien Bien - a land rich in cultural, patriotic and revolutionary traditions. The 3D space design takes ideas from famous landmarks of Dien Bien province such as Ban Phu citadel,  Dien Bien Phu battlefield relics,  Dien Bien Phu victory monument.

The exhibition features 3 sections. Section 1 conveys the topic "From the land of the ancient Vietnamese to the name  Dien Bien" introducing  Dien Bien before the 19th century; Dien Bien under the Nguyen Dynasty. Section 2 represents the theme "Dien Bien - Rendezvous of patriotism" introducing Dien Bien during the French colonial period and the golden epic of Dien Bien Phu Battle. Section 3 concentrates on the theme "Dien Bien - Innovation journey" includes 2 contents: "From Dien Bien Farming Plantation to Dien Bien Phu City", "Master Planning and Development of Dien Bien province".

The official exhibition inauguration starts at 9:30 a.m. on April 26 on the website and fan page of the National Archives Center No.I, the Electronic Information Portal of  Dien Bien province and also on the website of  Dien Bien Provincial Department of Home Affairs.

By Kim Khanh