100 businessmen vow not to use rhino horns

Thứ Năm, 17/11/2016, 16:00
PSNews- 100 Vietnamese business leaders have signed a commitment to deny using illegal rhino horns and other wildlife products, joining common efforts to protect wild animals in Vietnam.

The event held on November 16th to support the campaign "Stop the using rhino horn" by WildAid and CHANGE.

The movement ''Conserving wildlife and stopping demand for rhino horn in Vietnam" was launched more than a year ago, with the involvement of billionaire Richard Branson when he visited Ho Chi Minh City. He had a meeting with a group of business leaders and all have signed the commitment. 

Commitment not to use rhino horns.

Since then, 75 more business leaders and more than 250 managers or high-position holders in businesses have signed this commitment. 

Vietnam and China are the two main markets consuming rhino horn products, which are mainly supplied by illegal hunters in South Africa and other African countries. 

The rhino horn poaching has resulted in deaths of 5,750 rhinos in South Africa since 2008.