Charity football event to raise funds for poor students

20:17 22/06/2017

PSNews- With the aim of raising funds to support poor students, the Vietnam Student Newspaper and V-Stars football club will host friendly football matches with the participation of instructors and students of universities with good football movements.

The matches will be accompanied and sponsored by many businesses fond of football and community activities. All the money raised at matches will be directly awarded to poor students with good academic records. The list of scholarship recipients will be made public by the host universities.

The V-Stars Club has organized various matches to raise fund for flood victims in the Central provinces or relatives of artists suffering serious illnesses.

On May 7, V-Stars came to Sao Do (Red Star) University, Hai Duong province and after a friendly match, organizers managed to raise VND 41 million to support poor students with excellent academic grades at Sao Do University.

“We are delighted to be a bridge bringing V-Stars and businesses to universities. The more matches are played, the more poor students with good academic records are supported. We greatly appreciate the participation of the artists and former professional players in friendly games of such great social significance,” said Nguyen Huy Loc, editor-in-chief of the Vietnam Student Newspaper.

Receiving the information about the football tournament, the University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) of the Hanoi National University has volunteered to host the matches.

“We highly value the idea of organizing friendly football games to raise fund for poor studious students because this will raise both teachers and students’ awareness and responsibility for the community. The ULIS welcomes artists and former players to the matches,” Dr. Do Tuan Minh, Rector of the ULIS said.

“V-Stars Club is a football team of many artists, actors and singers, we wish, through football matches, V- Stars Club will use their image to help the unlucky lives and support volunteer activities,” People's Artist Hoang Dung, President of V-Stars emphasized.

On June 19, a friendly match took place and ended with 2-1 in favor of the V-Stars. The match also raised VND 53,210,000, which was then divided into 15 scholarships to offer 15 poor and studious students.
By Duy Tien