Dengue fever outbreaks with many abnormal developments

21:13 21/07/2017
PSNews-One more patient in Hanoi died of dengue fever, bringing the number of dengue fever deaths nationwide to 15 out of more than 50,000 dengue fever cases, according to Nguyen Van Kinh, Director of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Both the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Department of Infectious Diseases of Bach Mai Hospital have recently been overloaded with patients with dengue, although the most effective measures have been taken by Hanoi’s health service. Meanwhile, all hospitalized cases are serious.

Dengue fever outbreaks with many abnormal developments.

Experts have believed that, this year, the dengue situation in Hanoi have witnessed quite complicated developments. it has been recorded 3-4 months earlier than usual in the Northern provinces while  the number of cases rapidly increased. These unusual developments in the dengue situation were considered to be due to weather changes with much rain, facilitating growth of mosquitoes as the dengue pathogen.

According to Nguyen Van Kinh, in Hanoi, the situation of dengue epidemic is very critical with nearly 1,200 newly infected people each week. In order to meet the demand of examination and treatment, the hospital has to open 3 more sections specialized in examining dengue patients and arranged beds of other wards for dengue patients. However, the overload situation has not been resolved, and the hospital has had to frequently transfer patients to other wards or hospitals.

What has caused much concern to experts is that 5 deaths from dengue  fever with intracerebral hemorrhage have been recorded.

It is currently the rainy season, a favorable condition for mosquitoes - dengue fever pathogen, to develop. Therefore, the number of dengue cases is predicted to increase, and the epidemics will last for 1-2 more months.
By Duy Tien