Efforts to enhance year-end traffic safety

13:42 03/11/2016

PSNews-Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee signed Dispatch 23/CĐ-UBATGTQG on methods to ensure traffic order and safety in the last quarter of 2016.

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The dispatch reads, the National Traffic Safety Committee urged relevant ministries and branches and the Provincial/Municipal Traffic Safety Boards to strictly implement directions and instructions by the Government, State President and Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee as well as the 2016 Traffic Safety Plan to achieve the set objectives. To reach the targets to reduce 5-10% of the number of cases, injuries and deaths in traffic accidents, it suggests immediately resolving traffic jams in Hanoi and HCM city.

Launching peak drives to ensure traffic safety and social order

The Deputy PM asked the MPS to direct local Police forces to launch a peak drive to maintain social order and traffic safety in the remaining months of 2016 and during the Lunar New Year of 2017. It is important to continue carrying out patrols and checks, and resolutely deal with violations of the traffic law, such as drinking and driving, speeding and overloaded trucks. Local police should make full use of technical equipment and expertise to promote efficiency and transparency in monitoring and settling violations of administrative regulations.

Popularizing "Van hoa Giao thong" among primary school students.
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The Ministry of Transportation should further check the compliance of safety regulations, the quality of services and means of human transportation on water routes, foster competence and efficiency of means of transportation while well managing transportation activities and controlling vehicle’s load.

Additionally, it is essential to scrutinize the training, testing and driving license granting process; resolve all expired vehicle inspection certificates and expiry vehicles; reduce the threats to flight safety originating from technical management of the vehicle.

Reducing accident black spots

Provincial and municipal Traffic Safety committees in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation seek to resolve accident black spots on national roads, to ensure safety on traffic intersections, and to prevent people from violating the safety barriers or corridors along railways.

The agency should develop and implement plans to monitor and check the tonnage of vehicles in the localities; establish checking points to inspect the actual load on vehicles in complex routes and areas.

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Particularly, the Traffic Safety Committees of Hanoi and HCM city should continue to reduce traffic congestions; implement urgent solutions to seriously solve wrong use and illegal appropriation of street sidewalk, soon wrap up projects to build overpasses and handle infrastructural troubles; renovate means of transportation and bus routes; and proactively resolve accidents that may cause traffic jam.

Raising people’s awareness of traffic regulations

Relevant ministries, branches and agencies should promote education and information dissemination activities on traffic regulations to raise public awareness aiming at the subjects and areas with high risk of accidents such as coach drivers and young people in remote areas.

The Ministry of Education and Training is instructed to collaborate with the National Traffic Safety Committee to spread the document “Van hoa Giao thong” (Traffic Safety Culture) among students at primary schools; direct educational and training institutions nationwide to organize extracurricular activities to popularize the “Van hoa Giao thong” to all students in the 2016-2017 academic year. The similar documents for secondary and high school students should be soon issued.