MoD proposes to tighten management of drones

16:44 06/07/2020

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) recently submitted a draft regulation on tightening the management of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to the Government, replacing the Government’s Decree 36/2008.

Photo for illustration. Source: Internet. 

The MoD has drafted a variety of new regulations, according to which most of the drones or flycam must be licensed for operation.

These machines can only take off if they have permission from competent authorities and meet the conditions stated in the flight license.

Licenses are eligible to specific tasks, events, and locations. The agencies competent to granting flight permits are the Military Operation Department, the Military Region High Command and the Provincial Military Command.

The application for licensing should include the official documents on the drones, as well as information about the operators.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the number and use of drones and ultralight aircraft in many areas has recently increased in a complicated manner.

The MoD also expressed concern about the risk that drones could be used as for bad purposes such as terrorism and sabotage.

In fact, many civil aircraft crashes with unidentified objects, suspected to be drones and ultralight aircraft have happened, seriously threatening aviation safety.
By Duy Tien