Snake bites Nghe An girl while sleeping

09:53 10/07/2021
Le Trung Kien, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Nghia Lam commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An, confirmed the information about a local young girl was bitten by a snake while she was sleeping.

The 21-year-old girl was sleeping in her room on July 3. When she felt cold and blanketed, a krait snake from the blanket bit the girl on her neck and arm.

The girl was immediately taken to hospital, but she passed away 5 days later due to serious venomous infection.

Krait snakes can be found easily in many areas of Vietnam. Their venom contains post-synaptic toxins and especially pre-synaptic toxins that cause prolonged flaccid paralysis. When a person is bitten by a krait snake, the venom affects the nervous system, paralyzes the limbs, so the victim would fall into respiratory failure and eventually die if without timely treatment.