Vietnam airlines transports 1.5 million passengers during Lunar New Year festival

09:51 06/02/2017
PSNews - According to the Vietnam Aviation Department's report, during 6 days from December 29th to 4th January on the lunar calendar), Vietnam’s carriers scheduled 4,781 flights in which 485 flights were delayed and 18 others were cancelled.

In detail, Vietnam Airlines cancelled 12 flights when Jestar cancelled 2 and Vasco cancelled 4 while Vietjet did not.

In comparison to the same period last year, the number of delayed flights reduced 3.3 %. It was seen as a positive result as airport infrastructure in general was overloaded as the number of fliers and baggage sharply rose during the period. The delay cases resulted mainly from airport equipment and services (4.7%), flight operation management (0.2%), operation of carriers (15.9%), bad weather (0.6%) and late arrivals of planes (77.5%).

According to a quick report of the Aviation Department, local airports served 10,300 landings and takeoffs, up by 12.1%; 1.47 million passenger (up by 20.3%), 9,400 tons of goods (up by 28.2%) compared to the same period last year.

Vietnam Airlines, which carried 175,146 passengers, gave up the domination of the domestic air transportation market to Vietjet, which served 209,179 passengers in the period.

But, Vietnam Airlines hold 22.4% market share of the international transportation market with its number of transported passengers of 481,625, while Jetstar holds 3%, Vietjet holds 10%; the rest belongs to other international airlines.

By An Nhien