Vietnamese students won top prizes at Australian video competition

Thứ Sáu, 04/08/2017, 09:23

Nine young Vietnamese alumni and students were awarded prizes in the “Australia – Unlocking Potential” Video Competition today. Together with other competitors, they shared personal stories about how Australian education and life had “transformed” them.

The Australian Embassy in Hanoi with established the competition as a forum to reflect on and promote the transformational effect of studying in Australia.  

1st prize - Vo Truong Thinh

The videos in this competition reflect a range of experiences, including: how quickly Vietnamese students can adapt to Australian culture and education requirements; how students overcome personal difficulties while living overseas; how an Australian education and cultural experience creates new opportunities for personal growth and development; and how Australian alumni apply what they have learned in Australia to their work in Vietnam.

2nd prize - Tran Nguyen Van Trang

“I used to do what other people suggested and follow the dreams that other people said I should follow before I was lucky enough to have the chance to study in Melbourne. Now I am a different person. I have my own dream and I am chasing it. Now it’s time for you to follow yours. Thank you Melbourne.” commented Vo Truong Thinh, the 1st prize winner of the competition.

3rd prize - Ho Thai Binh - Dang Khanh Duy - Nguyen Phuong Thao - Judge Lai Bac Hai Dang

At the Awards Ceremony on 1 August, Australian Ambassador, Mr Craig Chittick said: “I am very proud to know that Vietnamese students treasure their education and life experiences in Australia. We are committed to assisting Vietnam’s human resource development in various ways, including through our continued support for Australian alumni. It is always a pleasure to hear about the valuable contributions that Australian alumni make to Vietnam’s development after returning from study in Australia”.

The Australian Embassy in Vietnam is actively implementing Australia’s Global Alumni Strategy. Education is at the heart of the bilateral relationship. There are more than 20,000 Vietnamese students studying in Australia and at least 50,000 alumni in Vietnam. These students and alumni bring to Vietnam a wealth of knowledge, expertise and influence.