Dad bursts into tears after finding long-lost son

Thứ Ba, 23/04/2024, 22:42

Nguyen Van Du, 87, resident of Quang Minh commune, Ba Don town, Quang Binh province, found his son who had been lost for 43 years, said officials of the Quang Minh communal People’s Committee on April 20.

Dad bursts into tears after finding long-lost son -0
Du's family videocalling his long-lost son.

Du took his daughter and son to the South to visit relatives in 1981. He unfortunately lost touch with his son, Nguyen Van Tu, who was only 10 at that time, on the way. For many years, Du and his family had spent lots of energy in finding his son but their effort had been in vain.

Thanks to the support from a voluntary organization, Du and his son saw each other again after 43 years.

According to Tu, he was found lost and adopted by a couple living in Phu Hiep commune, Phu Tan district, An Giang, and then renamed Tran Van Duoc.

At the age of 26, Duoc went to Ho Chi Minh City to start a career and had his own family. Several years later, Duoc aka Tu and his family moved to Tay Ninh.

By Duy Tien