Dengue fever cases see sharp rise in Hanoi

Thứ Hai, 18/09/2023, 21:29

The capital of Hanoi has become a hot spot for dengue fever, with 2,000 cases detected last week, representing a two-fold increase compared to the previous weeks.

Dengue fever cases see sharp rise in Hanoi -0
Dengue fever patients receive treatment at a hospital in Hanoi

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dengue infections have been recorded in as many as 29 out of 30 districts and towns across Hanoi, mostly in the district of Phu Xuyen, Hoang Mai, Cau Giay, Ha Dong, Dong Da, Dan Phuong, Thanh Oai, and Thanh Tri

Since early this year, there have been 10,372 cases found in the capital, a four-time increase compared to the same period from last year. Notably, three deaths have been documented so far.

Hanoi had 72 new outbreaks last week alone, bringing the total of active dengue fever outbreaks up to 258. Major spots which recoded the highest number of infections were Phung Xa and Huu Bang communes.

The CDC said Hanoi is currently in the peak season for dengue fever as the number of cases will continue to rise over the coming weeks.

Experts say every year usually sees dengue fever break out between October and December in the city. However, this year, the number of cases has increased earlier than normal.

They note that factors such as environmental pollution, high population density, an increasing number of construction sites, and poor sanitation at temporary housing for labourers have also contributed to the rise of the disease.

Another reason is due to the effect of the El Nino phenomenon which poses a risk of causing further outbreaks of dengue fever and other diseases in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

Health experts share that the primary and most effective method of disease prevention is avoiding mosquito bites and maintaining a clean environment in order to prevent mosquito breeding, including removing stagnant water.

They therefore stress that in areas where dengue fever cases have been detected, it can be considered necessary to carry out mosquito chemical spraying to prevent the spread of the disease. Each family must learn about disease prevention and ensure a clean environment for all.