Many severely ill COVID-19 patients recovering in HCM City

20:00 02/09/2021

Dozens of severely ill COVID-19 patients, including those in critical condition, are gradually recovering from the disease, says Prof. Nguyen Quang Tuan, director of Bach Mai hospital that runs an intensive care unit (ICU) centre in Ho Chi Minh City.

Many severely ill COVID-19 patients recovering in HCM City -0
Taking care of critically ill COVID-19 patients in Vietnam

The ICU centre, erected at field hospital No.16 on September 1, discharged seven critically ill patients who had fought the disease for a month or more.

Phan Quoc Dung, 41, was admitted to the centre after having battled against the virus for a month at three health facilities.

Upon hospitalization, he completely relied on mechanical ventilation. One month later he recovered from the disease and received a certificate to leave the centre.

“The recovery of severe cases shows that the Ministry of Health’s treatment regimen proves effective,” says Prof. Tuan.

According to the health professional, a ‘preemptive’ strategy has been adopted in an effort to cure critically ill patients and reduce the mortality rate.

Healthcare workers are dispatched to local health facilities to assist with treatment of F0 cases before the patients turn critical.

In addition, the ICU centre discharges patients who are recovering from the disease to other departments to reserve room for other severe cases.

The centre is treating 300 patients, of whom 206 are relying on mechanical ventilation to save their lives.

The Ministry of Health has established a number of well-equipped ICU centres in major coronavirus hotspots, including six in HCM City, the country’s largest COVID-19 hotspot, to treat severely ill patients.

Vietnam has recorded more than 300 COVID-19 deaths daily, mostly in HCMCity, but the mortality rate is slightly declining thanks to effective treatment regimen.