President attends ethnic spring festival in Hanoi’s suburban town

Thứ Bảy, 24/02/2024, 21:11

 President Vo Van Thuong on February 24 attended the opening of the “spring festival in all regions of the country” at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hanoi’s Son Tay town.

The annual event, held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, honours the fine traditional cultural values of all 54 ethnic groups in the country. This year's festival attracts the participation of people from 28 ethnic communities in 16 provinces.

Addressing the event, President Thuong said the unique and rich cultural treasure of 54 ethnic groups is the pride, a valuable asset of the nation, and the source of endogenous strength, forging the great unity of the entire nation - a soft power that contributes to raising the country's position and reputation in the international arena.

The Party and State always pay attention to building a great national unity bloc with focus on preserving and promoting cultural values and identities of each ethnic group.

President attends ethnic spring festival in Hanoi’s suburban town -0
President Vo Van Thuong (C) visits Thai ethnic group's space at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Photo: VNA)

Culture is the spiritual foundation of society and a pillar in sustainable development which is asserting its greater role, Thuong stated, adding that the material and spiritual life of Vietnamese people has continuously been improved. The people's role in creating, practicing, transmitting and enjoying culture is respected while community participation in culture has been increasing.

The State leader requested ministries, sectors and localities to well implement ethnic policies, pay attention to preserving and promoting local cultural values associated with economic development and solving social problems, with priority given to cultural development in ethnic-inhabited and remote areas.

On this occasion, President Thuong presented gifts to ethnic communities participating in the festival.

This year's Spring Festival is held in two days and includes an art programme, folk games, traditional cuisine, and three festivals of Rice Sowing of B'ru Van Kieu people, Nang Hai Festival of the Tay and New Year Dance Festival-Rija Nagar of the Cham ethnic group.