Quang Binh presents 1,000 smartphones to poor students

16:30 20/09/2021

The Central province of Quang Binh has sought various ways to encourage students to learn online during the pandemic time.

Quang Binh presents 1,000 smartphones to poor students -0

The school year in Quang Binh started on September 20. Due to complicated situations of the pandemic in the province, the provincial Department of Education and Training had actively drawn up an appropriate plan to teach students online during the pandemic.

The Provincial Party Committee of Quang Binh has decided to support 100% of tuition fees of the first semester of the 2021 - 2022 school year for pupils and students who study at all public educational institutions from the kindergarten to high school. .

The Provincial Association for Education Promotion also presents 1,000 smartphones to poor students, while the Military-run Telecommunication and Industry Group’s (Viettel) branch in Quang Binh  offered 4G SIM cards and provides free internet connections in one year for the smartphones recipients.