China’s vessels halt survey in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone

Thứ Năm, 08/08/2019, 20:31
China’s survey vessel group Haiyang Dizhi 8 had halted its geological survey activities in Vietnam’s UNCLOS-defined exclusive economic zone and southeastern continental shelf on August 7, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang said on August 8.

Hang made the affirmation while answering reporters’ queries regarding the latest developments of the operation of the Chinese survey vessel group in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.

Competent Vietnamese agencies are continuing to keep a close watch on the situation, the spokeswoman added.  

Over the past days, Vietnam has repeatedly voiced its opinions on the incident and implemented measures at all levels and under various forms in accordance with international law and the 1982 UNCLOS, she said. 

“Vietnam calls on countries to respect its sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction in line with international law,” Hang said.  

She highlighted Vietnam’s goodwill to stand ready to hold dialogues with concerned countries to settle disputes, contributing to maintaining peace, stability and development in the East Sea, and promoting the friendship and cooperation between countries. 

Regarding the operation of a US aircraft carrier in the East Sea, Hang said Vietnam has repeatedly affirmed the respect for freedom, security and safety of navigation and overflight in the waters in compliance with international law. 

“Maintaining peace and stability, and ensuring aviation and navigation freedom in the East Sea in the spirit of respect for the law are in the common interest of the international community,” she said.