DPM Pham Binh Minh raise the South China sea issue in NAM summit

13:48 18/09/2016
Speaking at the 17th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which was hold in Margarita, Venezuela on 17th September (local time), Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh gave prominence to the efforts of the ASEAN Community building, such as effort to strengthen unity, solidarity and the centrality of ASEAN with a view to ensuring peace, stability and prosperity in Southeast Asia, especially through dealing with complex security challenges in the region, including the East Sea (also known as South China Sea).
DPM Pham Binh Minh said: “The ASEAN member states are making every regard to recent complicated developments in the South China Sea, we call upon all parties concerned to exercise self-restraint and solve disputes by peaceful means in accordance with international law, including the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, fully respect diplomatic and legal processes, implement the Declaration on the Conduct of parties on the South China Sea (DOC) and expedite the completion of the Code of Conduct in South China Sea (COC)”.
DPM Pham Binh Minh (left) and President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro (right). Photo: VNA

Emphasizing that NAM has grown stronger and greatly contributed to the struggle for peace, national independence, against war and to the mutual assistance for development, DPM Pham Binh Minh said, the strength of NAM is best shown when we are unified, raising one voice and acting as one, on the basis of the founding objectives and principles of NAM.

Viet Nam has made great progresses of its socio-economic development in the course of national building. We have been consistently pursuing the foreign policy of independence, peace, cooperation and development.

As a friend, a trusted partner of all countries and a responsible member of NAM, Viet Nam will continue to actively contribute the common objectives of the Movement for international peace, stability and sustainable development for all.

NAM is the second largest international organization in the world, after the United Nations (UN). It currently has 120 member states, 17 observer countries, and 10 observer organisations. The 17th NAM summit has to date seen the presence of 128 delegations from 108 official member countries, six observer countries, eight international orgnisations and six honourary guests.

The theme of the summit this year, "Peace, Sovereignty and Solidarity for Development" was a reflection of the basic principles of the bloc.

Huyen Chi