National Assembly adopts three laws

13:29 20/06/2017
National Assembly deputies passed on June 19 the revised Law on Technology Transfer, Law on Irrigation, and the revised Law on Tourism during a session in Hanoi.

With 93.28% of approval, the revised law on Technology Transfer consists of 6 chapters and 63 articles, stipulating technological transfer from abroad to Vietnam and vice versa, as well as within the country, rights and responsibilities of individuals and entities concerned, project appraisal and State management, among others. 

The Law on Irrigation got 93.08% of approval with 10 chapters and 60 articles. It covers irrigation strategy and planning; management, exploitation and operation of irrigational works and water reservoirs; rights and responsibilities of relevant individuals and entities.

National Assembly adopts three laws.

The NA Standing Committee agreed to add regulations on diversifying investment in managing and tapping irrigational works. 

With 89.21% of approval votes, the amended Law on Tourism comprising 9 chapters and 78 articles stipulates tourism natural resources, products and activities, rights and responsibilities of concerned individuals and entities at home and abroad. 

The report on acquiring feedback on the draft revised Law on Tourism said the law covers regulations on ranking lodging facilities on voluntary basis, tourism planning and management. 

The same day, the NA also passed a resolution approving a Treaty supplementing the Treaty on national border demarcation between Vietnam and Laos, and a resolution approving a Protocol on borderline and national borderline between Vietnam and Laos.

Later, the legislature adopted a draft resolution on the State budget balance for 2015 with 92.46% of approval vote.

With 82.08% of approval, they also adopted a resolution on splitting land reclamation, recovery, assistance, resettlement of the Long Thanh International Airport project into a component project. It comes into force as from the day the NA approved.