National Assembly approved resolution on granting electronic visa

22:25 22/11/2016
PSNews - With 449 yes-votes (91.08%), the 14th National Assembly (NA) on Nov. 22 passed a resolution on a pilot project to issue e-visa for foreigners entering Vietnam.

Accordingly, the Resolution will last for two years, starting from February 1, 2017. Its results will be reported at the last NA session in 2018.

Before that, the NA also passed Article 3 and Article 7 of the draft resolution with the approval of a majority of the NA’s members.

The pilot project on granting e-visa will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Information Technology and the Law on Electronic Transaction.

The issuance of e-visa for foreigners aims to facilitate foreigners’ entrance into Vietnam and shows great determination of the country to implement administrative reform, in line with the State policy to promote international integration.

To ensure national defense and security in piloting the issuance of e-visa for foreigners, the Ministry of Public Security will launch a scheme to deploy and upgrade the security system and secure network in order to be able immediately after the NA passed the Resolution.

According to the resolution, the e-visa will only be granted to citizens of the countries, which have diplomatic relations with Vietnam. The issuance of e-visa should also adapt to Vietnam’s policies on socio-economic development and foreign affairs in different periods of time.

Finally, it must not affect Vietnam’s national defense and security as well as social order and safety. 

The Government will publish a list of countries to whose citizens can be granted e-visa in the coming time.